The Future of Teaching in Research Universities

September 17, 2013 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Telus Auditorium 150, Telus Centre

A talk by Vice Chancellor Warren Bebbington of the University of Adelaide.  Moderated by Provost-on-leave Dr. Carl Amrhein.  

Throughout the world, postsecondary institutions are in a period of change. What should be the direction of institutional change and what role should teaching play in research universities? Bebbington will bring his insights and an Australian perspective to the issue, including how to re-animate the Humboldt idea of the research university, which places a spotlight on small-group discovery and research for undergraduates. Having studied at various institutions in New York, Vice Chancellor Bebbington is a Fulbright Scholar and holds degrees in Arts, Music, and Philosophy. He is a sought-after speaker in Australia and abroad, and has received numerous teaching awards including several from the University of Melbourne, where he worked prior to joining the University of Adelaide in 2012. Join us for this unique opportunity to contemplate the future directions of university education and to welcome Vice Chancellor Bebbington and his accompanying colleagues from the University of Adelaide.