Consultation Services

Centre for Teaching & Learning offers the following consultation services:

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Peer Consultation
The Peer Consultation Program is a non-evaluative, focused process that involves the instructor along with a trained peer consultant in an iterative cycle of observation, documentation and analysis of teaching practices and students’ behaviours and responses. Its goal is to build personal understanding of and develop a plan to refine and/or test new ways of supporting that learning. The  typical consultation is a semester in length with the option to extend into a second semester and/or have a yearly follow-up.

One-on-One Course Design Consultation
Course design consultations involve either a one time or series of one-on-one meetings between an instructor and an educational developer at CTL with discussion and feedback around teaching and learning related questions. Topics for discussion may include: review of a course outline, examination of learning objectives/outcomes, assessment strategies, specific teaching ideas, etc.

Educational Technology Consultations
CTL can provide guidance and advice for instructors, departments or faculties wishing to increase or change the way they use technology in their programs or courses. There are many scenarios that may lead an instructor or group to request an educational technology consultation, including: Developing new online or blended courses, moving face-to-face courses to a blended or fully online format, adding technology-mediated activities or assignments to a course, or integrating social media and other web 2.0 tools into a course. All of these scenarios should be implemented in thoughtful and pedagogically appropriate ways. CTL has a number of experts with a background in both educational technology and pedagogy who can help to facilitate and offer advice on technology integration at any level.

Teaching with Writing (Writing Across the Curriculum)
The Writing Across the Curriculum Program works with instructors to help their students think critically and write clearly. We work directly with instructors to help them create well-designed writing assignments and effective and efficient grading guides.

The WAC program also supports instructors in their classes by visiting classes to give presentations that help prepare your students to begin their writing assignment. We follow-up those presentations with group tutorial sessions where your students can discuss their assignments, exchange ideas for writing the assignments, and obtain feedback on their drafts of the assignment.

Mentorship Programs
There is considerable support in the scholarly literature for faculty engagement in a compilation of mentorship programs over a career depending on the individual’s needs. Mentoring comes in many formats including the more structured one-on-one mentorship in which a senior faculty in the same department or faculty is assigned to a junior faculty member; peer mentoring in which colleagues informally pair up for mutual support; and, team mentoring in which groups of people both within faculty/department and across faculties come together to dialogue about teaching and learning. The Centre for Teaching and Learning has as its mandate to support excellence in teaching and learning across the university community. As such, we are offering two mentorship programs focused on teaching and learning which exemplify both the peer and team mentoring formats – Mentoring Circles and Teaching Co-Mentorships.

Program (Re) Design
Should a department of faculty wish to review their curriculum for alignment and coherence, student learning outcomes across a program, sequencing and continuity, inquiry-based learning and the like, CTL’s curriculum experts are able to provide counsel to guide the process.

Special Initiatives
Colleagues from a department or faculty may wish to work together in a special initiative such as peer teaching review focused on teaching enhancement or tailored professional development addressing issues such as clinical teaching, critical thinking in the disciplines, e-portfolios for documenting graduate attributes, etc. Teaching and Learning Specialists from CTL are available to help to facilitate this process upon request.